We pioneer new standards for live/work & travel

We create new age co-living/co-working ecosystems to be recognized as the most inspiring workation destinations and to provide environment for personal growth, sustainability and community building.

We provide experience and model future way of living

We use innovative approach to real estate, amenities, cultural immersion and activities which add value to living/working and thus successfully address the unique experience of location-independent professionals and their families.  

We develop workation destinations

We choose land in regions with a high potential for growth and preserved destiny nature. We set our projects close to well-developed outdoor sports and leisure facilities in 1 to 2 hours distance from big cities in Bulgaria. We use the natural advantages of the plots to create inspiring atmosphere for our clients.

Our partnership in growth

We believe together we create better and invest smarter!

And here is the place to thank all the freelancers, digital nomads, advisors in personal growth, stress management, good will and event management, designers and other experts who helped us to shape our concept and support us in developing our new age co-living/co-working ecosystems and workation destination.

We have the honor to partner with the first Bulgarian alternative investment fund listed on the Bulgarian stock exchange. VF Alternative AD is major investor in our first locations in Rilla Mountain, Bulgaria.

About us

Real estate, unique experience and future generation investment have brought us together and triggered the birth of entirely new concept for developing a series of workation destinations through an innovative approach to sustainability and community building. Our core business is to create new age co-living/co-working ecosystems to provide collaborative, inspiring and self-improving environment that bring out the best in people. Imagine, 15 years ago the expanding digitalization, advances in communications and growing consultancy and service sector caused the emergence of co-working spaces, which has turned into one of the fastest growing industries. 10 years ago the millennials` preference for alternative low cost accommodation, offering additional privacy, kids and pets friendly nature led to the emergence of an entirely new segment in tourism – the short term rental market, valued at nearly $ 90 billion in 2019. Today, the dynamic urban living and coronavirus pandemic amplify our need to be close to nature and strive for a higher privacy level. We all see the emerging change in our way of living, working and traveling and we believe it is time for next transformations and birth of new market segment.

Success is a choice and we know our efforts to bring to life those new age co-living/co-working ecosystems is our best choice for future generation investment. То create, but not follow is much more exciting and worthy and we do it. We create “the new way of living, working and traveling”.


Today, when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to swing the entire business world and remote working begins to blur the line between work, live and travel, the development of a workation destination seems a wonderful opportunity to enter the co-working/co-living industry and get ready to courageously burst into tomorrow.

“Workation” (coming from work and vacation) is the newest trend in work remotely worldwide. Since it is a way to take a break from your workplace, not work itself, it is getting more and more popular not only among digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs, but among all workers who can do their job remotely. Our new age co-living/co-working ecosystems are a great solution and will welcome all location-independent professionals and entrepreneurs who want to get back inspiration and motivation, become more productive and relieve the stress without going on a holiday.

They will have the chance to take a look at the job from another perspective, meet other people busy with the same business activities and learn new tricks from their experience. Together with their families they can enjoy cultural immersion, art & music classes, wellness and sports activities and grow their best. Employers can use the site as a bonus for existing employees and their families or organize a team building.

We believe a workation spot should be much more than travel, live and work. It is about sharing unique experience with like-minded people and their families. That is why the inspiring atmosphere with all technical means ensuring the work will be done, is complemented with events, sports and leisure activities, amenities and facilities we consider crucial for personal and professional growth.

Added values to standard living/working

  • location that inspires
  • High technics & internet connection quality, combined with consistent workspaces & furnishings;
  • Comfortable accommodations in chalets to fit personal preferences and purpose of the stay;
  •  Activity based packages to meet client expectation for unique experience;
  • Supportive personnel and community to reduce stress and boost productivity;
  • Healthy homemade food;
  • Teambuilding events and activities;
  • Networking with local entrepreneurs;
  • Immersion to local culture – Introducing to local customs and folklore, local alcohol tastings, cooking classes, etc.;
  • Sightseeing, ski, golf, SPA day tours;
  • Wellness, yoga, arts and other stress relieving and self-improving activities.

We choose Rila mountain for our firs locations, not just because of the abundance of destiny nature with unbeatable mountain views and the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria with more than 50 km ski trials, but because it is just 70 km from Sofia and it is a growing ski, golf and SPA destination.  SPA comlex Belchin Spring, 103 Degree Hotel & SPA and OKOL Lake Park with its 650 decares golf course are the latest large-scale projects which support our vision for development of this region and add value to its natural advantages.

Set at the foot of Rila Мountain in the valley of Cherni Iskar river, the plots of 20 000 – 30 000 sq.m. offer gorgeous view and easy access all year round. Walking tours in pine forests or along the river, hiking, cyclin, skiing, golf and SPA are just some of the activities which can make anyone`s stay and complement the palette of the amenities and leisure facilities, offered inside the complex.  And if someone thinks it is not enough than he can conquer the highest peak in Bulgaria Muala or the Seven Rila Lakes and take a look from an eagle height or simply walk along the mountain ridge and enjoy the beauty of running wild horses.