Real estate, unique experience and future generation investment have brought us together and triggered the birth of entirely new concept for developing a series of Workation destinations through an innovative approach to sustainability and community building. Our core business is to create new age co-living/co-working ecosystems to provide collaborative, inspiring and self-improving environment that bring out the best in people. Imagine, 15 years ago the expanding digitalization, advances in communications and growing consultancy and service sector caused the emergence of co-working spaces, which has turned into one of the fastest growing industries. 10 years ago the millennials` preference for alternative low cost accommodation, offering additional privacy, kids and pets friendly nature led to the emergence of an entirely new segment in tourism – the short term rental market, valued at nearly $ 90 billion in 2019. Today, the dynamic urban living and coronavirus pandemic amplify our need to be close to nature and strive for a higher privacy level. We all see the emerging change in our way of living, working and traveling and we believe it is time for next transformations and birth of new market segment.

Success is a choice and we know our efforts to bring to life those new age co-living/co-working ecosystems is our best choice for future generation investment. То create, but not follow is much more exciting and worthy and we do it. We create “the new way of living, working and traveling”.